The Change in the Economy and the Entire Market

In 2011, the orange economy produced 4.3 billion dollars, equivalent to 120% of the German economy. That same year, a 134% increase in exports from this economic sector was reported, compared to 2002.

There is no doubt that the orange economy is one of the best areas to undertake, but do you know what it is?

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What is the orange economy?


What is the orange economy?


To date, this term is difficult to explain and not all organizations agree on its definition, however, there are three aspects that are repeated in all the explanations and that can help us better understand what the orange economy is:

  1. Creativity, arts and culture as raw material.
  2. Relationship with intellectual property rights.
  3. Direct function in a creative value chain.

According to British author, the creative economy (now known as “orange economy”) is related to the sectors in which the value of services or goods is based on intellectual property.

Basically, the orange economy encompasses all cultural industries, which relate to creative services, sports and cultural policies.

Some of the best known examples of the orange economy are: • Theater • Fashion • Cultural tourism • Sports • Videogames • Newspapers • Cinema • Architecture • Books, among others.

What are the advantages of the orange economy?

What are the advantages of the orange economy?

  • Unlike other industries, creative is less likely to be affected by economic crises.
  • The increase in the number of netizens and their connection time increases the trade in creative goods and services.
  • Orange companies are generally cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
  • In Latin America, the orange economy is practically an opportunity for virgin entrepreneurship, since very few people have decided to enter this sector.

How can it be undertaken in the orange economy?

Although there is no formula to start an orange business, you can follow some steps to recognize opportunities in this sector:

  • Think of ways to apply ICTs to culture.
  • It investigates the habits of consumption of contents of the population: what type of series they see, when they go to the cinema, which books they buy, which museums they visit, etc.
  • Exceeds the idea that culture does not sell and imagine innovative ideas to sell cultural goods or services.

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