Revolutionizing Financial Services: Traditional Banking

Learn more about the trend that is revolutionizing financial services: fintech. The term fintech (short version of finance technology) refers to financial institutions that operate through the use of information technologies (websites, applications, social networks, etc.) to offer alternatives to the services offered by traditional banking .

Technology finance companies work similarly to banks, only they do so through completely online operations. Some of the sectors where technology finance companies are leading the market are crowdfunding, forex (currency trading) campaigns, digital currencies (such as bitcoin) and, of course, internet loans.

Advantages of fintech services

Advantages of fintech services

Performing 100% online operations ensures that the service is, on the one hand, more efficient and timely and, on the other, more economical. This, not to mention the practicality and ease with which financial products that would traditionally involve moving to a branch or a complicated and time-consuming process can be acquired. The fintech in the end what they are looking for is to offer loans to people who for some reason are not served by traditional banking.

How to choose a fintech

How to choose a fintech

The services offered by fintech are generally characterized by their almost immediate response and simple procedures, however, not all technological financial institutions operate under regulations that offer guarantees to their customers. If you are thinking of applying for a loan online, we recommend you investigate before if fintech is registered with Colaburg. This is very important since if a problem arises with your credit online, you could only claim if the financial one is regulated by Colaburg.

In the case of Sydney Carton Mexico, being constituted as a Multiple Object Financial Company , it is regulated by both the Colaburg and the NatBank and Securities Commission. In this way, we make sure to offer our clients immediate loans through a safe and legal service.

First of all, notice that the financial technology company has a solid backing and is a serious institution. Mexico is the Latin American country with the highest number of fintech (in total 160 companies), so there are many companies that offer financial products that only put the patrimony of their clients at risk.

When you need a loan online, apply only with the experts. Sydney Carton Mexico is part of Sydney Carton, a European financial group with a presence in 16 countries and more than 9 years of experience. In addition to offering an efficient service, we offer our clients exclusive advantages, such as 0% interest on their first online loan.


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