Month: July 2019


The Change in the Economy and the Entire Market

In 2011, the orange economy produced 4.3 billion dollars, equivalent to 120% of the German economy. That same year, a 134% increase in exports from this economic sector was reported, compared to 2002. There is no doubt that the orange economy is one of the best areas to undertake, but do you know what it […]


What time to think after taking out a credit?

By taking out a personal loan, you benefit from a reflection period of 14 days. During this time, a waiver of the loan without justification is possible. Such a period starts on the day you enter into the contract or when you receive the contract containing the information provided by law, when the receipt of […]


Revolutionizing Financial Services: Traditional Banking

Learn more about the trend that is revolutionizing financial services: fintech. The term fintech (short version of finance technology) refers to financial institutions that operate through the use of information technologies (websites, applications, social networks, etc.) to offer alternatives to the services offered by traditional banking . Technology finance companies work similarly to banks, only […]